Music of the Andes in Australia

The latest TUNARI, comprising some Bolivian 'standards' with lively vocals from Willy. Here you will find a Bolivian's comment on the coca wars: 'Coca no es cocaina' protesting against the destruction of a crop grown for centuries by the people of the Andes.

Willy y sus Cumbias
An up tempo collection of "cumbias" (a rhythm of the Colombian region). Popular songs with Willy on vocals supported by his local and Bolivian musicians. Some favourite tunes such as "Moliendo Cafe", Caballo Viejo" and Prende la Vela" are guaranteed to get your party dancing.
Buscando un Sueno Perdido
This single track instrumental (~55 mins) was especially recorded to capture a more gentle and relaxing sound inspired by the environment of the Andes.
Music from the Andes
This TUNARI recording features more traditional Andean compositions, mainly from Bolivia. The melodies here demonstrate the diverse rhythms and numerous instruments of the indigenous culture of the Andes.
The Colours of TUNARI
Recorded by TUNARI when the band had established itself as a major force in presenting traditional South American music to Australians. The Colours of TUNARI highlight the rich harmonies of the various instruments of the Andes - predominantly instrumental in content.
Canto de mi Tierra
In this collection TUNARI concentrates on original material with more vocal content.
It reflects both the nostalgia and joy felt by the band members for their place of birth and the Andes mountains.
The Best of TUNARI
By popular demand, The Best of TUNARI is a fantastic compilation of TUNARI's work taken from the three previous recordings.
A bright and interesting balance of vocal and instrumental music.
Ama Sua Ama Llulla Ama Khella
This CD, also recorded in Bolivia, explores the Inca language Quechwa in music and is inspired by the many festivals in Bolivia. The very lively "Malacunwawapa" is a favourite of TUNARI audiences wherever the band performs.
TUNARI in Bolivia
Actually recorded in Bolivia with guest artists Miguel Mengoa, Raul Muriel and Bonny Alberto Teran, TUNARI in Bolivia is a collection of traditional and popular Bolivian music. Brightly up tempo, it contains favourites like "Cuando Floresca el Chuno", "Celia" and "Viva Cochabamba".
Here is the re-issue on CD of TUNARI's first recording. Indoamerica is a sensitive balance of vocals and instrumental music. It is a delightful collection of South American music including traditional folk songs arranged by TUNARI in its original line-up.

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